Activities in Saint-Hilaire-de-Villefranche

The activities :

  • a garden common to all the rooms
  • a swimming pool common to all the rooms
  • reception room common to all the rooms
  • discovery tour of the family property of Cognac & Pineau, with tasting, visit of the vineyard.
  • We propose for the breakfast, a formula Brunch, a supplement of 15€ per person is required.
  • The way of Compostelle, way TURONENSIS, and hiking trails, (the three valleys)

We also offer you the opportunity to meet the animals of our farm.
A pleasure shared by adults and children!

For those who wish it, Marie-Hélène and François propose for the breakfast, a tray brunch, salted sweetened.
It is enough to ask for it during your reservation.a supplement is asked of 13€.

You will be able to take advantage of the activities that our beautiful charente region offers you:

The roads of Cognac and pineau

  • The fish and seafood, éclade etc.
  • The natural heritage of the Charente valleys, Taillebourg, St Savinien and its miniature port, Port D'Envaux and the Boutonne, from St Jean D'Angely to Tonnay Boutonne
  • The paths of Saint Jacques which gather the routes taken by the pilgrims on their way to Compostela and which were forged during the course of the history, Turonensis way and the ways of Brittany, Plantagenêts.
  • The marked out pedestrian strolls; (The three valleys)
  • The ocean at 50 KMS
  • Fenouix magnificent site with its lantern of the dead.
  • The splendor of the castles, Dampierre sur Boutonne, Neuvicq le Château, Crazannes, Château de Panloy in Port D'Envaux, La Roche Courbon.
  • Crazannes, its quarries and the lapidary.
  • The site of Lozay, the garden of sculptures, replicas of the Saintongeais heritage.
  • St Jean D'Angely, a city where you can cross the ages with its medieval streets, the Royal Abbey, the private mansions, and the water level, an old port built on the banks of the Boutonne.
  • the museums, of the cordeliers, of the public school, the treasures of Lisette.
  • gardens, the bamboo grove, the garden of Pomone in St Denis du pin.
  • In the company of animals, the oldest breed of donkey, the baudets du poitou.
  • Meet Maud Triolliet who offers ceramics courses and Sophie Goillot for a guided tour.
  • After a long drive to come to the Ferme D'Octave D'Antan, or a day to discover the valleys of Saintonge we recommend a cuisine of Terroir, at Claudie and Patrick 'AH TABLE'.

Here are different sites to visit a few kilometers from the farm of octave, of yesteryear:

  • Amateur of heritage, golden Saintonge, a land of contrasts, places of memory to live!
  • Fenioux its church of the xii century and its lantern of the dead.
  • Royal Benedictine Abbey in St Jean D'Angely.
  • Aulnay de Saintonge, a Gallo-Roman village, and the church of Saint-Pierre, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site as part of the pilgrimage route to Tours.
  • The quarries of Crazannes.
  • The Baudet du Poitou farm.
  • Wine heritage, visit of a family distillery and tasting of pineau and Cognac.
  • Bicycle or walking tours on marked out circuits.
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